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The Dr Zak Pallikaros’s Diet

6.30am bowl of porridge (2 packets) (water or skimmed milk) with 2 scoops protein powder 40g protein (LA Whey) + (Norateen Heavyweight II tablets)

9.30am 6 egg whites + 1 whole egg scrambled and ½ cup cooked rice. Or 6 egg whites boiled with 2 brown toast or ryvita and apple

12.30 LUNCH Turkey breast & rice (Norateen Heavyweight II tablets)

3.30pm chicken breast and pineapple OR tuna with pineapple

5.30pm PRE WORKOUT low fat cottage cheese with pineapple + 6 egg whites (boiled) (plus LA Vasculator tablets)

6.30pm TRAIN

8.00pm Protein shake (pure LA Whey) in water mixed with glutamine (LA Glutamine Absolute) and creatine (LA Explosive Creatine) straight after training.

9.30pm chicken/turkey breast or Steak or fish with steamed vegetables (broccoli, spinnach etc.) or salad & water (Norateen Heavyweight II tablets)

11.00pm protein shake mixed in water (usually LA Bio_Activator protein drink)

Also take 1 multivitamin and mineral tablet, 8 Norateen Heavyweight II from LA Muscle, zinc tablet every morning. Can also take cod liver oil and flax seed oil which contains omega-3 oils essential for burning fat. Glutamine is very important in holding on to muscle size during diet as it’s the most abundant amino acid in the body. I use at least 10g/day

Add a natural fat burner as well 6 weeks before a contest such as LA Fat Stripper. No carbs after 4pm.

Do cardio at least 3 times a week, 15 min on stepper or 20 min on bike.

Avoid dairy products (only low fat cottage cheese allowed), pasta and bread.

Meats: steak, chicken and turkey even lean pork is OK.

Good luck getting the body you deserve.

Dr Zak Pallikaros