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What was the full title of the competition you won?

Where was the competition held?

How many people did you compete against?
In my class there was 7 competitors (over 90kg heavyweights)and in the overall there was 5

How did you feel when you won?
Amazing, on top of the world. Always wanted to win MR CYPRUS and this beeing the IFBB Grand Prix was even better for me. Also felt great winning the overall title as well as the heavyweight class.

How do you feel when your on stage?
Knowing ive done my best and look the best i can look i feel great. The crowd was amazing people that didn’t even know me were calling out my name! Its a great buzz to be onstage, all the hard work in the gym and the months of diet is worth that few minutes on stage!

What’s the atmosphere like behind stage?
Very tense backstage but i kept myself to myself, tried to find a quiet corner and relaxed until it was time to get ready and pump up!

Where and when will you be competing next?
Not sure at this stage but i would love to have a bash at the Mr Universe again! Def be back to defend my tittle at the grand prix!

What are your future plans and goals?
Move into the fitness industry and help other people reach their goals. Iam now a qualified NABBA personal trainer Gym Instructor and nutritionist and with my Biochemistry PhD background I believe I can help other people change the way they look for the best

At what point in your life did you decide to take up bodybuilding? After seeing my cousin George Michael who was a competitive bodybuilder at the time {Editor’s note: Not THAT George Michael obviously!] whilst I was a skinny 18 year old kid! He took me for the first time to a gym and my life changed since! “Thanks George”

Who are your role models?
I love Arnold’s philosophy of “Stay Hungry”. never be satisfied with the way you look and always try to improve. Thats my goal. My role models are my parents Nick and Afroulla who help and support me in everything I do and also my son Nicholas who is very proud of my achievements. A Special thanks to My Girlfriend Emily who supports me in whatever I do and she is the backbone to my team! My success is all dependent on having a good supporting loving family and the people I mentioned above are the reason of who I am today.

How long have you been competing?
Since 1999. In that period won Mr Tower Gym 1999 and 2000, won EFBB Mr London and South East 2002 (first timers plus best poser award) and 2004 (Intermediates), Runner up at EFBB Mr Britain 2002(first timers) and 2004(intermediates), runner up at NABBA Mr Britain 2005(class 2), Runner up at Mr Cyprus 2004 (under 90kg) and 2005(under 90kg), Competed at Mr Universe 2005 (Class 2), Won Cyprus Grand Prix 2006 (Heavyweight and also the Overall title)

How old are you now?
DOB 06/04/1970 36 years old

How does competing in the UK different to competing in other countries?
What’s it like? In the UK people recognise me due to the coverage I get from LA Muscle in magazines and on the internet.

What sort of training do you do, and what’s your training routine?
Train 5 days a week and have the weekend off

What do you think is the hardest part of your training regime?
Love all aspects from training to diet. Its a lifestyle that I love.

What would you say are the most important do’s and dont’s with training and nutrition?
Never cheat as you are cheating yourself! Always train hard as other people might be training harder than you. Give it 100% both in training and diet and supplementation.

What supplements do you take and how often?
I take LA Whey, Bio_Activator, Norateen Heavyweight II, Explosive Creatine, Fat Stripper, LA Aminos, Vasculator.

How do the supplements help you?
Without supplements its impossible to achieve the results that we competitive bodybuilders achieve when we go onstage.

How do you cope with your job, everyday life, training and competing?
Its tough but I make time as i love the sport so much. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it!

In general how would you encourage people to care about fitness and their well being?
Basically, God gave us all a body and its up to us to improve it. When you look good and feel good then you are a much happier and confident person!

Is there anything else you would lie to add regarding training, diet and supplementation?
Being a Dr of Biochemistry, I always look for quality in supplements. Never look for cheaper alternatives as its not worth it. The body is like an engine. If you use cheap fuel then you get poor performance. All these years in Bodybuilding I tried almost every supplements available and found that LA Muscle

Products give me the extra advantage i need to do well in shows!

What are your local newspapers?
Enfield Advertiser, and enfield independent
Finally I would like to say a big special thanks to my personal friend, the LA Muscle MD who took me in the LA muscle team and always believed in me that one day I would win the Mr Cyprus title. “2 years ago he wrote an article in LA Muscle when I got 2nd at Mr Cyprus saying that in the near future I would get that title and I DID.”